Life Stories   Life Stories - English

My sister and I makes car! (3)
Why so many bear? (2)
Rp cult on us-1 (3)
Unfulfilled Mom last wish (1)
I finally got You Are Hope (6)
My son does what I asked before I died (1)
The Mistakes Of This World, chapter one, the beginning (3)
My whole family died from a bear and I Tried to kill it (2)
A monolith and sheep at fellowship place (20)
Journey to found my town (Day 1) (5)
Made lake (11)
Welp. No kids? What happened? (3)
I found fellowship place (9)
Killer in a big town. Chinese or japanes? (2)
Boring life of an orphanage (13)
The Impenetrable Fortress (10)
My mother village became my village (2)
Karma (3)
Secret Garden (5)
The Lovelace and Smitch family (4)
Stupid son! (3)
Revenge of Jameson Mango (2)
Snake incident (5)
She was running in the dark (2)
Beeblebrox Mikasa ackerman? (3)
The Gravedigger (6)
Weirdest life story ever? (4)
The Nameless Family - goodbye mom (4)
When my friend made me kill My first boy🤦🏻‍♀️ (4)
I was the last one of my family (2)