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Weirdest life story ever? (4)
The Nameless Family - goodbye mom (4)
When my friend made me kill My first boy🤦🏻‍♀️ (4)
I was the last one of my family (2)
Lost village forever lost because my stupid son (3)
She Watched Her Village Die (9)
Sacrificed to a sheep!? (6)
Scary world (2)
Ungrateful children (6)
He learning (4)
The Greifer boy (4)
Carolina Olivarez (3)
I fond a lost village and I killed my son (4)
First true experience of Griefer (6)
Joshari's journey (2)
Two villages and a student (3)
My two Sons (8)
A Tale of Two Cities (7)
Discouraged (17)
The Coma Of My Kids (2)
The Afterlife (2)
I am Batman (2)
The life in a big city (2)
Help me (4)
The Child farmer (2)
A Doomed Village (5)
Tales Of The Enlightened Ones Chapter 2 (15)
Two Wolves (The Wolf family) (3)
Dumb girl die because she thought her sister going to kill her (4)
Another day another griefer (14)