1-Year Anniversary / 一周年記念


Today it has been exactly one year since we first released this game on Appstore and Google Play.
I know several of you have been playing since then, some were even beta testers before the release. It’s been a fantastic journey, hasn’t it? The game may have been good at the first release, but we have worked so much more since and made it so much better… and we will continue to make it even better.

We want to extend our thanks to all you players, and hope that you will continue playing the next year as well.

To celebrate the anniversary, we will offer the app at a reduced price for 8 days (Saturday-Saturday). We will also lower the price for some IAP items during this time.

Once again: big Thank You for supporting our game!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

// The Team


今日でApp StoreとGoogle Playで初めてこのゲームをリリースしてからちょうど一年です。その頃からプレイしてくださっている方もいれば、リリース前のベータテストから関わってくださっている方も。ここまでとても素敵な旅だったと思いませんか?ゲームは最初のリリース当時でもう面白いものだったかもしれませんが、その後我々は色々と手を加え、より良いものに変化させて…そしてこれからもさらに良いゲームになるよう励んで行きます。



改めまして:このゲームを支えてくださって本当にありがとうございます!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



:champagne:Cheers! :grin::grin::grin:


Happy anniversary!


Happy anniversary! :champagne:


Happy anniversary!!!


Happy Anniversary!


Happy anniversary!!




Happy Anniversary!!


Happy Anniversary !


@EmberWolf Wow, so cute. Brought a tear to my eye. :sob:




Happy anniverary everyone! You Are Hope has done some great things and has made some great steps: private servers, rice & nice food with rice, bricks, bear clothes, and of course our new name! Its nice playing this game.