A poll about banana


Have you accidentally ate the banana when trying to put it into the basket?

  • Yes
  • No

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Do you enjoy collecting banana and will risk get bitten by mosquitoes to get it ?

  • Yes, banana is a good food source .
  • No
  • Only if the village really needs food.

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Do you somehow thank banana for saving you while catching rabbit or collect steel in land that food is limited as jungle is everywhere?

  • Yes
  • No

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So , the conclusion , are you willing to have

  • Banana and mosquitoes at the same time
  • No bananas and mosquitoes

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Interesting indeed…


Would it be possible to nerf both? 1/4 of banannas 1/4 of mosquitoes . Id be down for that


Nice one. Nerf them and our lives will be easier . Really … it is quite sad that when I try to collect bananas, the mosquitoes sting me and thus wasted bananas cause I need to eat them. But still, it is annoying right when trying to put banana into the basket , we accidentally eat it . So many wasted bananas . It is time we add cocoa into the game . Chocolate banana fondue , yummy …


Wait i don’t understand the last question. So i vote mistakenly


Is banana grow back like berries?
I see if banana trees are empty they never grow back.


From the way I see and heard , they won’t grow back.