A thought on Stacking


Would like to see stacking on more food options. We can stack fur and wood. But stacking some foods would be nice.
More then one
banana in a square
carrot per square
Rabbit per square

I would understand not having more then one corn per square, and the idea that the berries should go in bowls (when berry picking in real life I always took an old icecream bucket)
But rabbits, carrots, and bananas take up a lot of room and make a camp messy. Even if we had to have a wood floor or rock slab down first in order to stack it would be nice. The containers are nice but often overlooked. And in baskets there can only be three.
Boxes are nice too but usually the town is farther along at this time so there isn’t as much of a need for large amounts of these three items. They are still needed but not always in the large amounts.
With them each taking a square it seems a bit messy looking, and harder to keep the budding town clean.


You can store bananas, carrots, rabbits, and many more things in containers like these:


How do I make the label? I haven’t made paper before and do not know how.

Never mind, I watched someone who was making it and saw enough of the ingredients to find it in the crafting tree.
I was able to make my own for the first time yesterday. :hugs: