A way to know how old you are


Not sure of it yet, but there’s a way to know how old your character is: chat.
For example: you just grew hair and can pick up items, so you ask mom “Job?”. Notice how you can say 4 letters? That means you are 3. Another way is opening chat and seeing the number of characters it lets you type. If in the chat it says 41 characters, you are 40. Always -1 to what it says on chat. That’s all! Hope it’s helpful!


Thanks for sharing! I will try to add some way to let player know the time later! Currently I’m so busy…


Yeah that is the only way 4 now


Ty! That will help a lot more than looking into chat


im fine with this


On mobile you can just click on yourself and it shows your name and age. Is it not like that for PC?


This conversation took place before that feature was added.


Oh ok, cool. Glad its fixed then


Awesome addition to the game!