About new characters


It have a bad reputation with the people around me.
So I ask you to fine-tune.

Please enlarge one eye of this character.

And this character

・Correction to bring the left and right eyes closer
・Fix your gaze
・Correction to reduce the area of ​​the face

I wish for a better improvement of “YouAreHope”


my mom had a beard. im okay with that. but i didnt expected it =). i love you mom.


Wait did you see a black eve, cause if so that was me


Its nice! especially the second one.
because second character looks like
a person with low intelligence and having a little problem with his brain for now i think
Maybe its because of his gaze


Transgender characters have been added to the game?


How about this





I like it better like this.


Amazing SUPER handsome


Is that really good?
Look at this.
He can shoot “kamehameha”









Thanks for looking at my picture.



Sorry, I have digressed from my subject.

There are many women who are playing YouAreHope.

We always want cute characters.


Mmm Lol


Actually… I feel the goku hair wouldnt actually be that bad for a regular character. Not the super sayen but just the regular black hair.


Thanks for the feedback! We will update the face expression of the new characters a bit in the next release (eyes closer together, etc).


Thank you very much!!!