Banning alternate accounts


So many questions. Lol. Are you saying I’m wrong or agreeing with me? Violation of terms of service, do you mind pointing out what are you referring to? That has yet to be mentioned. Are you saying the mods are doing a shit job? Or that their system is broken?



I opened with “no”, so clearly I’m not agreeing with you.

“They’re just being reactionary and overly dramatic instead of ignoring this person and using proper channels to avoid conflict.”

What “proper channels” are you referring to? Could you mean forum rules?

Maybe you should be grinding down on people CAUSING conflict instead of, for reasons unknown, defending them and skewing the motives of the “reactionary” “They” you refer to.

You can speculate and read between the lines all you like about what I’m saying. I’m saying exactly what I’m saying. Nothing more. Nothing less.


What im trying to say.

Is that there are 2 individuals trying to take advantage of the internet by making multiple accounts. In this process they have managed to make multiple accounts with intent to decieve others and harass others. These 2 sick individuals need mental help and are a menace to the public.

In no reality could a sane person support the actions of these 2. These vile creatures need to be brought to justice. Trying to cause everyone to argue.

This is why alternate accounts need to be banned. To limit this.


Who are these 2 sick individuals?


And further… since I’ve been away this week I was more than astonished and disgusted to see the behaviour on the alarming potential suicide thread. Though some of the responses on that thread have been removed because they were flagged, some were preserved and, in my opinion, the author of those disgusting replies is worthy of outright banishment from the forum immediately.


No, no. The author of the disgusting replies. I’ve edited to make that clear. Thanks for pointing out there may be confusion.


Oh, I see.


Well I cant point out names,since it would violate the community guidelines but it should be fairly obvious the 2 in cahoots from the beginning.


Here’s the suicide topic for those who are curious: Depression

By the way, it just got temporarily locked.


Thank goodness…


Do you know if there is a button to not see someone post in the forum? I mean even if we don’t ban trolls , can we at least not see post from them?


Unfortunately, no. Unless a plug-in is added.


Thanks for the reply . I hope some plug in will be added. I certainly don’t like trolls. If trolls can’t be banned and won’t be , at least I want to be able to not see their post I guess.


I totally agree with you.


I’m curious to know how you guys plan on banning all of the alt accounts, especially if you accuse every other account of being an “alt” account.


Administrators are able to view and do an IP lookup of any user.


Well i better go on vpn or somerhnng…


@Kking1 :wink: