Biome Suggestion: Ocean/Boats!


I feel like the OHOL map needs a new biome. And ocean/lake with brand new items and introducing boats that you can explore with. Some parts of the biome should include a coral reef. This maybe could introduce fishing/swimming. But I also think the player should have a challenge without a boat. So add hypothermia. Once the player is in the water for lets say 40 seconds you will lose food/get hurt. Also for more entertaiment add a shark that will attack humans/boat. Once the boat is hit 3 times the boat would sink. Now Im gonna go over some pros.
PROS- More challenges, more items to make, making docks.

I also think trading would be a cool feature added into this maybe to come aquatic update. Maybe even battles on the sea.

For example you can upgrade your ship to a box with paddles to a full BOAT with cannons and storage. But also would take generations to finish this. This is just a suggestion but I feel like it would be cool.


Good idea. If we had rivers as well then we could have proper defined continents. Trading is already possible I think, although not easy since you need a village network to do it. Perhaps there could be code where Eve spawns are more likely around areas with more players, so kingdoms and groups of towns can develop. I once saw something like this on the PC version in my lifetime as the primitive hunter/gatherer Lion. Living on our family field I wondered where my mother had gotten her sheep skin coat from. But one day I was to find out, losing sight of our beloved home and getting lost in the thicket. Luckily I soon found a large advanced society. But, as it turned out, the people there were my distant relatives. I could tell them quite the story. It seemed as if one family had grown so successful that its seeds had spread for kilometres around. And what’s more, one some three kilometres away, I could hear the sound of a bell tower. Perhaps even the town I found was but a small segment of a much larger family tree.





Bridges could be nice too
BTW… I love your profile picture




i love the idea. maybe the boats could look like this:


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Wow that looks so pretty. And :heart: the suggestion Pillow


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Honest opinion


Cars. Airplanes. They’re coming.


Airplanes before maps…? Makes sense… lmao


I know. They’ve been building and flying airplanes over on the PC version. Lotsa people rolling their eyes because they’re desperately wanting useful resources. Like ways to make better or more clothes, water sources, stackable objects. It’s cool for the peeps on the top of the tech tree but not so much for everyone else.


we have cars already :slight_smile: there are already stolen cars too :wink:


Right! Forgot that was in effect already. I have yet to see one or find/be born in a society advanced enough to have them. Are they basically as useless as people suggest they are on the PC forum?


Sorry about that, I repent of my ways. :grimacing:


Why are you looking for trouble?