Bonnie and Clyde


I see it as embracing progress. It doesn’t imply critique in any personal sense. I’ve seen it used in many videos lately and have thought that it was cool that it was community driven development of communication.
Yes, I think it is superior. In an information bearing sense it is objectively superior. That doesn’t mean that other ways are forbidden or bad - to each his own.


Personally I believe if someone’s going to feed you, it dosnt matter if you say f or the number. They should feed you after you said it. Unless you spam it too quickly or already 3.

Just “f” by itself though many people have gotten used to it for food. The number is informationally better but dosnt make much of a difference in reality.

F only means “fuck” when It’s followed by a U “meaning you”. (The way words are abbreviated is sometimes by the sound they make when pronounced. U or u for “you” and Y or y for “why” Even if it is not technically correct.)


Haha this post exploded. Nice.


Why are people saying to use a number for feeding? I can’t type numbers in OHOL chat, only letters.


Spawning next to someone who you cannot communicate with does sound really frustrating. I did not know that was happening frequently because I’ve never run into a foreign family in the foreign servers, but I now understand your irritation.

If possible, a new English-only server or more spawn distance between players who use different languages would be good solutions. I don’t think limiting US server only to English speakers is appropriate because it also makes the non-English speakers whose closest server is in US unable to play on a low-latency server.

Suicides by Japanese baby is a different problem. If they wanted to have a better chance to be in one of the Japanese villages, they shouldn’t have selected English which lowered their chances.
As I wrote above,

A note on the setting screen, saying that they’ll be born into a family which speaks the language(s) they choose, would be nice. I think some beginners are setting additional language as English without knowing this, and there are so many Japanese beginners now.

Also, hiding or removing additional language option may also solve this issue, if the babies are in fact all Japanese and killing themselves only to be born into a particular Japanese family.

Last night I gave birth to several children in a Japanese village and all but one died instantly.
I am really glad to hear that this issue is being dealt with.


I find that on ios you have to change keyboards to type numbers. This half a second it takes could mean the difference between your mom seeing it or or just running past letting you starve. “F” is more efficient, especially when you are trying to time your mom to come from the bottom of the screen.

I think the language problem could be fixed by a simple addition to the server page. Instead of just telling us how many players are on each server. Display what players have their language set to. I have made a simple example below.

( us-2 6En-12Jp/200 …)
(japan-1 7En-15Jp/200 …)


Uhhh what @alec_ohol was right but maybe if you want to practice things as an eve try changing your 2 languages to very “rare” ones… like French or Portuguese… Nowadays I play on jp servers because they have big cities and that’s the kind of play style I like… bye


I’m not here for beef with the Japanese players. I think there are plenty of English players. The real problem is that they’re sticking to the beginners servers, because the US servers have such a low population. I know I’ve done the same, even though I prefer playing the game in regular mode now. Few people playing means a lower chance of building a lasting civilisation. If we can convince more people to move out of the beginner servers the problems on the US (and EU) servers should be solved.


So you are gonna destroy other people’s hours of work? :frowning_face:


Every. Single. One I find on US server where their language is set to Japanese. Yep.


Now that I think about it, maybe you can scare them off. After all, I am a former serial killer which always went after the Japanese. sigh good ol’ days