Can you guys some how add cats (If u do I think how u guys should add them)


So my idea is why not add Ocelots to the jungle biome and have them where they don’t hurt you but they run away from you.
How to get kittens:
The only way for them to not run away from you is if you have salmon with you and when you feed it like a wolf it will become semi tamed Ocelot then it will have kittens and the food they would eat would be the same thing that the pups eat.
So if you do this as a update can you give me some credit for the idea AND can you add a British shorthair breed if you do make this in the game it’s just that I just got a little blue British shorthair her name is lily I’ll have a pic of her on the post. :smile:


This sounds familiar… :thinking:


I know it’s the only thing I could think of any was Ocelots in Minecraft don’t change into cats any more.:joy:


They called you exotic. Which is just people talk for awesome. :blush::wink::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




Yes pleaseeeee add cats! They can kill snake and mice and meow to people and… okay sorry. Cute cat you have! (Or is that not urs?)


Nice Idea i NEVER seen this Minecraft cof…cof


Here is another pic of my little kitten


I really like your kitten, its so cute.
This little guy is a wild kitten. Im trying to domesticate it to find him a home. So far he comes every morning and afternoon for some food. He has sneaked inside my house a couple of times dough. Lol


He’s so cute