Censored words


Learned a new drug today…

Was going to name my character Scooby Do, bit apparently Scooby is not allowed.


Just to be clear a “scooby” is not a drug. It is another word for “joint”, a method of smoking weed.


I meant to say drug term.

Pre-coffee post


I checked our filter (which is an off-the-shelf product). It has a black-list section for famous made-up characters and scooby-doo is one of them. There’s also various Marvel characters, Star Wars, etc. Also prince and princess, mentioned in another post.
I’m not sure why these are part of a profanity filter, so I will remove most names from the black-list.


I named my son King and it said censored word


How is cook a censored word?


Strange. Do you use it for naming?


The latest build that we just posted has removed the blacklisting of many names. Not sure if cook is one of them, but please upgrade and find out :wink:


Updated, and cook was still blacklisted