Chinese publisher is now stealing from Don't Starve


I feel like they had some sort of plan.


I’ve got no clue about stats from China, but if you look at the global Google Play stats on average over 6000 apps are published per day. Must be a cutthroat business trying to make money off of.


This Chinese publisher is beyond sketchy.


China is the greatest contributor to counterfeit goods, be they digital, intellectual or physical.


Hong Kong is pretty big too.


Which is also… China.


Yeah, I know. Just saying because it’s on the chart.


This is my favourite rip-off
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I am all too familiar with the problems of doing business with China. I used to have a retail shop, bricks and mortar and online. I specialized in having bleeding, cutting edge design goods from around the world (while avoiding ANYthing made in China) with a focus on Canadian designed and manufactured goods where/when available.

I saw FAR too many smaller manufacturers of unique goods ramp up their production by moving to China. Predictably, and my better half and I would have bets on the timing, a much cheaper knock off would be on the market within a matter of just a couple of months. Also, predictably, some of these businesses went out of business. How do you keep afloat competing against your own product? Needless to say, when they started manufacturing in China, I moved on and dropped their products.

If Louis Vuitton and Chanel and Gucci, et al, can’t stop the bleeding from counterfeit goods I highly doubt, if Dual Decade’s Chinese counterpart decides to run amok, that they will be able to stop them. Right now Dual Decade is relying entirely on the good will of the people they’re dealing with in China.


@Christoffer was the demo made buy Dual Decade? It seems like a whole new toturial was added and theres no limitation on gameplay acording to Jason. Stuff Hitting the Fan - Jason


Maybe you already know, but I want to tell about…

Girl who instead of classic eve is swapped her pants and shirts.
Blond hair girl has a mistake about position of shawl.
And… and why that boys wearing coat at his bottom!
I didn’t know, winding the wolf hat tail to the neck is popular among chinese.

its crazy.


Copy right them, thats all i can say.


Do not you first have anything to say to Mr. Jason?


It’s too late.


Hello, I was the Japanese version of the player.
I read this and I was very disappointed.
It is embarrassing now that I had been playing the mobile version if I had a free time.
Then we pay homage to Mr. Jason.
Goodbye, mobile version


Reed the full disputed before you make any personal judgment. Thanks


I can also download the app directly from this website too as it appears. I’m hoping any of the new info uncovered has been put into consideration. Idk,it all seems really off to me. The china version app free trial


It seems negligent of Dual Decade to allow their publisher to act on their behalf without without any checks or balances, especially with all of these issues being brought to light.


I think they have to go through this publisher in order for it to be available to china. The desicions on the publishers part are definitely questionable though.