Chinese publisher is now stealing from Don't Starve


Well, not this specific publisher necessarily. You would think they would have done some research about the people they chose to do business with. But beyond that, giving them carte blanche seems like a poor choice given the complexity of this situation. It makes me wonder if the publisher was even made aware of the whole truth to begin with.


The Chinese publisher still hasn’t removed it.


Eh, blaming dueldecade for everything the publisher could end up doing is bound to cause confusion though. It’s definitly worthy to make them aware of what’s happening with the publisher. Especially if the publisher isn’t taking the proper efforts to inform them or check stuff with them.


I’m not blaming them, I’m blaming the Chinese publisher. Are you talking about something else?


The Don’t Starve thing has been removed now.

It’s easy to forget that China is 12 hours behind, so they were all asleep when we were discussing this.


Clear your history and cache and have another look.


The style looks similar, no?

Don’t Starve

Chinese OHOL website


Something doesn’t seem right. Certain parts of the website are stretched out. See for yourself, and look closely.


It was looking stretched until I cleared cache and history.

As to similarities, it’s close but no cigar in actually replicating Don’t Starve.


It’s still stretched on my side.

Eh, I’ll do some more digging.


Maybe its for chinese players to play the game in their language.

OHOL doesn’t have chinese so maybe they decided to make a chinese version of the game.

What do you think?


Yup , I think so too. In China , pokemon go is banned so they made their own version. However , there are still people in China that copy popular games from japan and elsewhere. So , it is hard to differentiate between those two .



Hello, I am a Chinese player…
Playing the game you are discussing
I want to know you guys.
from Google Translate


Hi , what do you want to talk about?



I want to ask you how many versions you play.
The Chinese version is V182


我不是很知道,可是我的手机里的是195 版本。这个游戏每次都会更新版本、也会加新的物体.
I don’t really know but the version in my phone is 195. This game always have new updates and new things are always added.


超难过(´;︵;`)中国很难玩到国外的游戏,通常需要通过中国的公司代理。听说游戏的创造者对代理商不满意 。

I am sad 。China is difficult to play abroad games, usually need to pass the Chinese company agent. I heard that the creators of the game are not satisfied with the agent.


That’s true.



The original producer of the computer version, Jason is angry as the Chinese producer forget to mention his name . He was ok until now . We don’t know what will happen.


More than that.