“Bye Chiro <3”It’s me, Carla. This is for that one player who was named Chiro. I am so happy that I got to play with you and I am sorry I had to go. If you see this please reply. :heart::heart::heart:


My Dearest Carla,
I was hoping you would post! Right before you passed you had a daughter whom I raised and named Lyric. I continued to maintain the gardens in your honour, and continued with making compost. I tenderly scooped your bones and buried you in the family graveyard with the hopes that I would see you again in another life. Much love to you, Chiro


Thank you for taking care of Lyric and I am sorry I wasn’t there to help raise her. Thank you for watching the garden and I hope we can play again soon with each other. “Me in a random world” CHIRO!?!?! Haha. See you soon!


How cute!