Cloth clothes


I thought we could add some cloth clothes to the game, which would add cotton.
So you could find cotton, pick the seeds, grow in the ground, water, when it grows you can pick the cotton, and you add two cotton together to make cloth, 1 cloth is for a shoe, 2 cloth is for a hat (use needle multiple times for different types of hats, such as bowler hat, or a cap.), 3 cloth is for shorts, 4 cloth is for a shirt, 5 cloth is for long pants, and 6 is for a long sleeve shirt. You could also add colour, you add your clothes to a bucket of paint and it will paint it, and you could mix paint to make different colours such as (blue and yellow = green)


Picking cotton can be a very dangerous job.


I like it, but there are some steps before using cotton. And for these good clothes it should be harder to get.