"Coders war"


Goodluck with your city♡


Ok thanks for the clarification. It sounds like you guys are more organised than anyone else by far and will have as good a chance as any at building an awesome city with village offshoots. I’d advise building roads or at least clearing the paths to other settlements so that you can trade with them easily, keeping out of the way of jungles if possible. Those nasty bugs will sting anyone walking along it. And a map sounds cool.


If you have trading links then, especially in the later stages, you can put off your cities death for longer. Iron runs out eventually and you need it for lots of things like some baking and crucially making compost.


Although that being said I suppose a town could survive for many millennia if it build all the things it needed to with a few tools and then once that was done, simply used all its iron on the bear necessities. If it had walls then losing tools would be harder, and the only truely vital tool is the iron shovel for moving dung (I still think we should have stone shovels for this reason. Then we can have Stone Age villages that don’t die out and it’s such a small step (long shaft plus rope plus flat stone)).


Once we have horses, iron is easy to get.


True, but even so having the ability to trade with outer settlements is useful. Iron may be used up slowly but the more ore a village has the more stuff it can do. If you want to have a town full of locked chests, engines and armouries you are gonna need a lot of steel.


If you have roads then you can get more iron as well as evacuate your village to someone safe if everything falls apart as it eventually will.


True. I like roads when done right. And Ive connected villages with roads in the past. With a vague road layout the 2nd town doesn’t have to be in 1 specific direction which will help with its creation, thank you for the idea.