Common Misconceptions


For some reason I’m seeing weird advice being given in game. The old canard, only pick milkweed when fruiting, used to be true but isn’t anymore as milkweed never grows back. You DO want to pick at least one fruiting and save some seeds in the event you want to farm milkweed if it’s in short supply naturally.

The most common misconception I’ve been seeing given as advice lately is: Always leave one berry on the bush. :woman_facepalming:t3: Some people are SO bent on this they refuse to listen to why that is bad advice. So I’ll say it here. Eat that dang berry! Unless or until you do, the berry bush will not produce more berries. It has to languish then be revived in order to grow more berries. Leaving all the berry bushes in your farm with one berry each is a surefire way to cause a famine.

Anyone else running into misconceptions and weird, non applicable strategy advice? Let’s make a list to bust those myths!


i saw that too the last berry on the bush. i dont get the concept behind it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. eat it and get soil with the new energy :wink: easy as that




Well, leave one berries at domestic berries is useless. But leave one berries at wild berries bushes is helpful as some person really need to eat but no berries around. It also important to not took all the banana, always leave one banana as you might need it in emergency situation


A less popular one but ive been told it once was to not take all the water as it will kill the goose. It’s pretty obvious why it is stupid


Actually, when you empty a pond the goose does disappear.


Yeah, im saying thay eventually you will need to make a well to progress your family


Better to save some water in early camp. Don’t drain pond if it not much water around. Pond is refill along time but only if you didn’t drain it. If you drain it, it will never be refill.


Right! I thought it was just the goose thing. My bad.


I found another misconception. My mom pick all the berries from the bushes and put in on the ground. Which is a bad move because the berries will rotten and disappear after a few minutes

Edit: actually this trick is okay but only works for cactus.


Home marker
you can use the home marker from other players as your own home marker. it wont erase their compass at all.

the only way to erase your home marker is when you use a sharp stone on your own home marker. but it wont affect the home marker of others when you share the same.


However, you will lose your compass if you disconnected for a while. I lost my home marker when i disconnected because my phone die