Disappearing Babies


Anyone else having an issue with flashing/disappearing babies? It seems to happen randomly but more often than not. I’ve noticed since the update the number of offspring has decreased. I can hear them being born but they don’t appear in the game.


Yeah me too. It’s super creepy…


Me three.


I observed a similar problem myself as well. I have fixed that and will include it in the next update. Hopefully it solves your problem.


I did it happened on my last play, they kept ‘teleporting’ I found it frustrating… Difficult to feed them if they keep moving like that.


That’s because you’re lagging , also if a baby keeps running away from you it’s highly likely that it’s trying to starve to spawn in his town.

And please stop picking me up when im trying to run. That’s one of my most hated things on the game lol.