Hi Everyone. I want to invite you to join the fellowship.
Today we celebrated our leader’s birthday and have decided to open the doors to Eden to the public.
Come join us.
We have penguin soccer.



Happy birthday shannon!!


Her birthday is at midnight? :sleeping:


Its 8:03 am for pm


I know that.



Its amazing Ember, i want the bear hat in game to,maybe nice for the climate update!? @Christoffer


I want a bear hat too :smiley:


I love it…


What even is this…


Why cant i draw like this /:


Try drawing it!


Oh god




Hi. I’m 민옆.
I am very happy at Eden today.
I wanna chat on game but not familiar discord yet.

Kingc3530 and Ember I will download Line later.
My phone is full and mesh because of a lot of my baby photos and videos.
I have to organize or move the files on my phone to download Line.
Thank you for your hostility and see you soon.


He meant hospitality not hostility I hope. They are like the total opposite meaning.


Use discord, all of us are on discord