End of the war


To be honest i think your group is very scared of the unknown. It almost feels like you have trust issues and is not very fond of living and sharing with random people.

I remember when i was with you guys , i lived through 7 full lives , we let everyone live if they wanted to. But i haven’t encountered any problem whatsoever , i also remember the family Bergen helping out when we were building a town (not to be confused with the Bell Town)
Everyone was nice and helped maintain the kids and the farm. I remember when i was building that big sheep penn , everyone was very nice , they gave me some food i could eat on the spot , a guy even asked me to use the cart i was using and then helped me to bring some logs as a form of gratitude.

But then the next day people started to use codes , our own group hid tools and refused to just leave it on the ground for a better use. And that’s the story how we lost that town , there were no people reproducing so we had to make a new one which is now commonly known as bell town.
It’s almost ironic that you become what you seek to destroy.


Whatever Yukino, it not about being scared. Its about trial and error and finding ways to progress our gameplay. You don’t like how we did it, fine. It’s over now, and since certain people are no longer in the discord it is a peaceful place.


Unfortunately for you the people that left are also the people that worked the hardest.
(I wasn’t one of the people that worked the hardest)

All you do is keep closing your eyes on your own ignorance , ignoring in the process the people that disagree without reaching an agreement.

Trial and error? Don’t make me laugh.

Peaceful place? Oh that place where people like to roleplay as queens and servants and execute everyone that has a different view than you until there are only blind people left.
That’s not even a monarchy that’s more like commun- well I’ll let you complete that word , i think you’re smart enough to at least know what that is.

It’s funny how history likes to repeat itself even if in a much smaller size such as a dicord server.

“Not about being scared” don’t even dare saying that.
Your people will literally blame anyone just to feel safer.

Well whatever to you keep dreaming and good luck , because trust me , you will need it.


…it really is just trial and error. I don’t really have a response to most of that paragraph yukino,

I mean they kicked one guy for being overly mean and insulted a person with the first conversation they had with them, whom joined in the same day that they left. It’s not much more complicated than that…

Besides that the group (If I recall correctly) had only been established for less than a week at that time. Bell town on EU2 was our only town that people had actually put work into.

I’m not going to hold any grudges or anything because in most part I think your being mislead but I don’t recall any rping too. We’ve just been mostly chillin and playin. + we’re not blaming anyone besides the person who starts “wars”. “Ben”.

Nor are we executing people with differing opinions? We have a section for suggestions and for voting too.

Talking to us works too ya know.


“talking with us works aswell” so you really are blind. Multiple people have already tried to talk but have been completely ignored and overwhelmed by people that refuse to listen different opinions.
So im not going to waste more time than i should’ve , prideful people are really hard to talk to.

“HuHuhhuhhhhhuuuh bUt wE hAvE vOtiNg nOw aNd sUgGesTionS”

Let me guess what suggestions you guys do:

“I tHinK wE sHoUlD uSe bEtTeR cOdEs , oH nO eVerYonE hAtEs uS , wHaT sHoUlD wE dO? OH i hAvE aN iDeA lEtS eXiLe eVeRyOnE eLsE”
like if that will ever work lol.

There’s not really a meaning in making a voting system if everyone else already left. It’s just a bunch of sheep following whatever they heard.

You will literally think you’re right untill everyone on the forums hate you.


Just remember guys I started the bell town and no codes were used during the construction and look how far we got.

Yes it’s hard when people don’t no how to play!
Teach them!

Selfish people who complain about noobs are the problem, it’s a game! Help out the families. Remember it’s about being part of a bigger life, your just a small part in the bigger picture, just enjoy the game and play fair!

I’m not part of any groups with codes


The Bell town founder


Well said faz👍


Im just gonna go to bed now. By talking I dont mean “CONSTANT ACCUSATIONS” cya,night.

Oh and also. If anyone wants tips ive written for PEOPLE TO READ AND LEARN. Please enter “tips” when searching on the forum. I’ve already covered smithing,farming clay crafting and tracking I think.


So if I were to be born into a coders city and I was a female who led a productive life would I be allowed to stay? Or even if I was just a productive boy? Perhaps a test of some sort would be useful that nurseries can easily implement in order to weed out griefers.


For now we’re just giving boys a shot. Girls usually raise all of their children haphazardly. Unless of course there is only one girl left alive. If you hog backpacks and clothing and weapons whilst the rest of us go bare we are more likely to kill you.

Currently there is no effective way to weed out griefers. I made a tips guide revolving around “goblins” on this forum as well. That’s usefull but there still no gurantee. The nurserys in japan work much better because with their numbers cursing works against griefers while for our low numbers they do not. Goodnight now pls.


I left this game more than a week ago now, passed by to see how the game was doing and i find this, one of the motives why i stopped playing was the community, and i was right to do so i think, its just getting more and more toxic in here…


Why not join us ? Why not help us build and further the era of this game ?
There are other ways of playing definitely, but this way is constructive and fun. I dont advocate for killing everyone or taking over towns, but that isnt what’s happening. We are planning to sustain our own and create a large area for us and others. Even if you are a male character in a different village it will still be fun, and I’m sure if your peaceful and nice you could most likely join the fellowship.


Been there. Done that. No thank you.


You left the server because you couldn’t play lol because faz was doing something but you insisted on asking the same questions. (Which we gave , so don’t try blaming us)