Error 10065 on mobile Android 9


Most of times the latency won’t show either using wifi or m-data, when log in it says error 10065 can’t connect to server. I 100% sure the internet is connected, 'cause I tested on other app which worked fine. I reinstalled the game but problem hasn’t changed. But rarely it works with latency under 10ms, I can play it smoothly. I have an iOS vision, it also works perfectly. Moreover, I downloaded a Chinese Android vision, ping is bad around 200-400ms, but at least the latency shows. Don’t know it is
a bug or what, hope someone can help.


Have you restarted your device?


Thank you Wumbo for replying.
But I did try couple of times, it didn’t fix.


Can you tell us your device specifications please.



Thank you. Now you give the developers more tools to work with. I hope they see this post soon.




Hi, are you living in Japan? Do you use the same ISP for your iPhone as for your android phone?