Eve Monolith spawn! Have mercy on the server


Hey guys.

Yesterday ive played on the mobile USA beginner server and spawned as an eve right next to a Monolith.
First thing that went through my mind was an apacolypse.:smiling_imp:
I first looked a bit at the environment and it was Well suited for a big village.
Right thereafter i gave birth to my first child and showed it to him.
The village is still alive and doing well, they even got rules and order.(awesome)
I wonder how long it will take my children to fullfill our villages destiny.
Let everyone ben warned, the end is near…


Oh boy…


I’m afraid that the apocalypse doesn’t work like that anymore. I think you need to do a much harder process now where you make an Endblock tower, if that’s been imported from pc yet anyays. Cool town monument though : )


On the update information, we will get the stone to trigger the apocalipse just like the PC version. But we will never trigger apocalipse at all on mobile version because it have been disable.


How download gamę?


You need to buy it on the AppStore


Or Play Store.


What is a monolith and what does it do?


It triggers an apocalypse if you fill the three holes in it.


You also need to tie a horse with a golden carrot crown to it once you’ve filled all these holes in the monolith with gold ingots


Oh yeah.


Thanks for the info guys its was very helpfull.
Om stickin to Building up a society, my family died out anyway :frowning: .


What happens in the apoclypse?


I’m pretty sure the server resets.


Oh okay.


That’s the old version. The new version is we need to put 3 bloody knife into it. The knives then turns into stones. The stones then must be put in tower bell every 12 hours/stone. But the apocalipse cannot be trigger in the mobile version. It’s only works on PC.