Eve petition


I simply wanted to start a petition regarding our eve spawns. I think the previous update for eve spawns was great and I’d like it returned to that state.
Key components:

Eve spawn active if less then 4 eves online
-not 4 females
Spawning back to death location and not in random towns (why is this happening again!?)

These setting were only available for 1 week, I understand some things were abused but the players weren’t given enough time to work out the kinks themselves.

Side note: adding /die feature and no baby curses and I think we have a good spawn setup.


Don’t forgor to comment(sign) your name on the post!


I’ll sign the petition!


Count me in!










I’ll put my signatorial signature along with all the signatories too


sign. definitely


Nope. Unsigned.


How do you unsign a petition when you haven’t actually signed it?


Just want to make it clear I’m not in favour.




I’m kidding.


I’m for it, but I understand that lots of solo players will abuse it and gloat about how great their towns are that no one else can play in or build off of.


I think private servers will be where those people go. I’d, frankly, rather play the game in the spirit it was intended to be played.


It would be nice to do eve spawns like this AND have a “solo” options where babies won’t be born to you.


It was also intended that solo play was possible to help those who are in low population servers, like many of us are in the mobile version. Why else would this be a feature in the first place?