Feelin feverish


can we please have a frog? Maybe from empty clay pit? Every 30 minutes or whatever? That eats mosquitoes every 10 minutes or whatever? I never see those suckers! Or maybe be immune to fever after 5 or 6 afflictions.


Especially annoying when they wonder out of the jungle and linger over all the things you want to use😣


I would also be willing to craft multi step fly swatter


I wish whe had no mosquitoes…


That would make Jungles unchallenging.


Well, you are right. Evry area has its danger. The blue-field-with-duck area has the hogs, the grassland, has… nothing i guess, the wasteland has snakes, the desert allready is warm enough, the gray area has bears and wolves and the jungle has the terefying musquitoes.


We have fundamental electronics now so maybe a bug zapper will be added lol