For really new players plz read before playing


Hi all - just for those people I run into who can’t farm (or don’t know how to eat) check out the videos at the top of the page. There is also a written how to start guide written up on another thread I bumped

below is also the control system for OHOL Mobile so you won’t starve again


can’t find a help section so i’ll ask here … :sweat_smile: watched the vids and it looks like they just use the water pouch on the pond? when i tried doing that in the game it didn’t work for some reason… did something change? or did i do it wrong?


Swipe down


Be sure there is no egg in the pond :wink:



I’m replying to bump this because it’s a great community service. Too many times on an Eve run I’m birthing noobs (nothing wrong with being a noob cuz we all were at one time) who say they want to learn and then run around like headless chickens after I’ve patiently explained they need to stay still so as not to waste their, and my, food energy.


I vote to have this thread pinned to the top.


Great thread here! Thank you for the starter guide, this should help a lot of noobs.

A comment about Eves: If you’re settling in an area that has lots of wild food, try to find a nice intersection between a cold biome (meadow, prarie, swamp) and the warm biome (desert) to maximize the food intake of you and your babes. This means more people can survive on less food by banking their temperature (stand in a place where your temperature is green) before running around.

Always build a kiln and fire first. I know lots of new players who waste so much time gathering dirt, this is useless if you don’t have a way to water them (and rabbits can be used to make pouches, but you still need to make a fire so you may as well make bowls too).

Watch other gamers play! I like to see lots of Lets Play youtube folx making videos. I personally watch Cothfotmeoo and HoneyBunnyGames but there are a few out there. You can learn how to do the latest updates and see some serious OHOL drama while you’re at it.

Love all versions of this game, and can’t wait till the mobile version gets stacking items, dogs, and donkeys!

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Eve Names: Tudor, Fortune, Food, Brisby, Frankenstien





Thanks for the info! :us:


I agree if they dont listen and tend to starve me i let them die. I need babys yhat will listen not ones that make our jobs harder. It hard enough that as an eve you must find the right place and set up camp fast. It even harder when a baby doesnt follow when you need them to or stay when you trying keep them warm and less hungry.


Probbly there was an eggin the way


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Thank you so much. This is all great advice and well definitely help me progress in the game and help others


Great advice


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Thank U Kindly. I need the simplest Most Basic “From the Beginning…How to Start” I can find.
Appreciate your kindness **