Further discussion of the developing situation with Jason


It doesn’t help that people are adding to the fire.


Are you making me deal with this shit at this time? Stop flaming each other at once please.


Have to remove a lot, sorry if something goes missing by accident


No problem with that.


Its scary


And im embarrassed


We all are.


Welp i got flagged for showing that thing It was “off topic” evej though i didnt start it


He got banned


Its probally just someone with alt accounts doing flag and flag and flag. The mods are, like"oh this is not a bad message but im deleting it anyway".


Are you saying the “mods” are in the wrong? I’m slightly confused.


That happened to me,


Hi-ho, just came in to see how the mobile forums are dealing with the escalating situation between Jason and Christoffer. I love both versions, but I’m siding with Jason today due to the shady stubbornness coming from the mobile devs when the original plan was simply to give the world more OHOL and using the money gained from the mobile to cover server expenses.

From the look of it, Christoffer and the devs have some pride of their iterations of the OHOL in the port, and do not agree with Jason’s wording on the revision.

I have a better suggestion for stuff to add to the title screen: “Not approved by Jason Rohrer, but he acknowledges that it exists. Don’t email him about the mobile version because he’s not part of the mobile dev team. He’s sick of people asking him questions regarding the mobile version.”

Edit: If that’s too long – ‘Not approved by Jason Rohrer, but he acknowledges that it exists.’


We all here want to comment, and we all here want to reply. We all here wants to judge, want to find justice for something that we don’t understand. Everyone wants to point fingers, everyone wants to choose a side. In reality we are all in the middle, and the only thing that we want to do, is play the real One Hour One Life.

Everyone please stop the arguments. We are just causing more harm. Let’s both parties show thier point. Lets them decide. The truth is, that DualDecade have, and always have been in Jason side. They want to be part of his work. They want to help. In the end we are all fans, of this beautiful and magical game of One Hour One Life.


Forget it. This drama has gone too far.


Removing your post? I agree with you. Banning Ben? We part paths of similar thinking here. Outrageous toxic behaviour is absolutely ban worthy. Making alt accounts just so you can flag stuff you don’t like multiple times? Completely wrong and unjustifiable. I don’t care who your target is or how toxic they are.


Other than this weird community thing I’m not familiar with, I’m pretty sure everyone here were having a peaceful discussion on the topic opened up by Christoffer.

Both Jason and Christoffer have opened the dialog to the communities. I think it’s fair for us to discuss our thoughts and stuff.


It is fair to discuss our thoughts, but please don’t trow more wood to the fire, and don’t be hazardous to each other. Please behave. We are talking about some sensitive situation here. They both have enough with their own problems.


Ok seriously guys if you want to argue over something so off topic that it hurts can you please make another thread for it.


I think this is the thread for it. Am I wrong?