Further discussion of the developing situation with Jason


Im pretty sure this was an extended thread for the ongoing despute between christopher and jason not for the inner workings of the forum.


Fair enough~

But seriously tho, could either of them consider my suggestion of changing it to ‘Not approved by Jason Rohrer, but he acknowledges that it exists.’? As well as telling the players of the game straight up not to email Jason Rohrer because he’s not happy about the situation?

It can even be one of those changing text things for news during the game loading screen at the beginning.


Oh my goodness u talked back to him…


Are you the forum? Are you the community? No matter how many times you speak or how many times you post you are simply one person dont speak for me or the rest of the player base.


I personally think he cares very much. It’s just that he doesn’t have the time to moderate the forum.


I think they are taking that idea up to consideration. They have been talking about it back and forth.


Yah that was my response when she replied to me. But it also implies you or anyone else who likes to throw the community word around. Everybody just please remember we are but one voice and not the entire fanbase of either game.


But in all honesty, this whole situation is really fascinating. It’s as if we’re seeing two different moral factions in the OHOL game – but in real life!

Putting aside the emotional trauma endured from both parties, isn’t this just interesting to see unfold? We’re seeing the flaws of international IP laws and what public domain actually means.

Could this be Jason’s actual intention from the start? Could Jason be the harbinger of death for IP laws and he was planting seeds all this time for a situation like this to arise?


Ok, I’ve been trying to keep up. I have one question, is this really about a simple Edit of the title? (I know there’s feelings and shit behind it but I’m talking about a PHYSICAL text edit)


What do you mean?


Ah so it mostly just emotional now. It started out as just a simple this or that but as more demands not requests from Jason and the mobile developers atempts to fix them. Some of which were rectified some of which needed further descusion its now reached the point to where both sides are almost mudslinging. Itll settle out one way or the other. But all the other of topic subjects are just the usual in this forum.


Are they SOLEY in this argument bc Jason wants him to add “unofficial” “not related too” “I didn’t make this game” etc. to the title of the mobile game? So it makes him feel better about knowing the pc and mobile version are NOT related?


Basically, Jason is getting disgruntled emails from fans of the mobile on changes on the mobile that are not part of his masterplan. Such as the peace lily.

So Jason wants nothing to do with the mobile port and stop getting email about the work.

Think about it this way: what if the mobile version started adding hate-messages into the game without fully acknowledging that it is not affiliated with the original, desktop version?


What if the peace lily was removed?


Then what if the devs wanted to deviate from the original, such as the weekend events and other stuff planned for the future?

Actually that’s not really the point lol


so All Chris has to do is change SOMETHING or add SOMETHING to make sure people realize Jason is not the person to contact about the game?! …ok…then do it. Lol that’s a simple request.


I can’t be sure about that.


Except the changes demanded by Jason is disputed by Christoffer.

And then here we all are.


What’s their to dispute exactly lol…just add whatever banner with this game isn’t made by Jason don’t email him, email this person instead. The end.


Except Jason also wants some acknowledgement that the concept and pretty much 90% of the stuff in the game is made by him.

But. Then. Public domain – where does this stand in the equation?

Especially with the debacle with the Chinese version not putting anywhere that the original was made by Jason, as discussed in the beginning of the venture. Now, to the Chinese players, the game seems to be developed by non-Jason.