Further discussion of the developing situation with Jason




プレイヤーが「ONE HOUR ONE LIFE for Mobile」と「One Hour One Life」の違いをきちんと理解していない




ONE HOUR ONE LIFE for Mobileの購入時、ゲームを起動するとき、他にも沢山あったでしょう。

「One Hour One Life」が生まれたから私はこのゲームからたくさんの感動を貰った。
「ONE HOUR ONE LIFE for Mobile」がモバイルで遊べるようにしてくれて、さらに日本語で遊べるようにしてくれたから、私はこのゲームのプレイヤーになることができた。

Jason、「One Hour One Life」を作ってくれてありがとう。

DualDecade、「ONE HOUR ONE LIFE for Mobile」を作ってくれてありがとう。



Since I can only speak Japanese, I will write in Japanese, but when I translate it into English by Google translation, I write carefully as possible so that there is no difference.
The problem with the Chinese version is that I do not play the Chinese version and I will not talk about it because it is too difficult.

First of all, the problem is

The player does not properly understand the difference between “ONE HOUR ONE LIFE for Mobile” and “One Hour One Life”

I think this.

I was just this player.
I knew there were two games, but until about two weeks ago I did not understand the difference between the two games properly.
First of all I would like to apologize to Jason and DualDecade for this.

really sorry.

Such a big problem has occurred because there was a foolish player like me. really sorry.

There were many opportunities to understand the difference between the two games properly.
When purchasing ONE HOUR ONE LIFE for Mobile, there were many other things when starting up the game.
Still I did not notice. It is a very silly player.
DualDecade always kept players away from confusion.
It is a player’s mistake that did not notice the difference between the two games.

I am feeling very sad now.
It is a silly player, but it is really sad.
Jason and DualDecade will be angry with stupid players like me.
But please read this only.
I got a lot of excitement from this game because “One Hour One Life” was born.
I made it possible for “ONE HOUR ONE LIFE for Mobile” to be playable on mobile, and made me to play in Japanese, so I was able to become a player of this game.
If two games, one is missing, I am not here now.

Jason, Thank you for making “One Hour One Life”.

DualDecade,Thank you for making “ONE HOUR ONE LIFE for Mobile”.

I am sincerely grateful. And I hope peaceful resolution will be done.


Jason and Dual Decade are not mad at the players for not noticing the difreance. So dont be mean to yourself. You bought the game not because it had someones name on it but because you wanted to have fun.


It’s the negligence of the devs, not the fault of the players that they are misinformed.




Thank you.
I agree to your opinion in several ways.
However, players also have problems.
Some players understand properly.
However, some players do not understand like me.
I think that it’s not all the developer’s responsibility.


The difference between Japanese and American is strong.

I do partially agree though. The info was there. I knew it because I research games before buying them, it’s not like the information was hidden or deceptive- except for maybe the chinese chaos.


Please why you gus don’t stop this disputes right now. This subjet is 8 days old. Thing are getting better now. We are working on the solutions.



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Dosent civil mean free?


No, it basically means polite. In this context


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