I just wish i could make a town like urs or like bens but i just cant do it alone… (○《○)


Maybe you need to learn to play better with people then kking.


We might still be in kapugen if certain people didn’t choose to “destroy the place”. We were completely open until it was grief after grief which made the place, in your words, a mess. We built up eden from scratch, you’re more than welcome to do the same if you’d like. It’s your village, your choice :slight_smile:


I cant its too hard for me i just cant i try and fail every time i wiah i could just make a big city where everyone is clothed and happy and hugge berry farm and a house for everyone and laws and a goverment
and the smith area and baking and everything else is in a building, and noone griefs but its so hard i just want to go and learn everything so i could do that but i just give up i can even make a building


Whether you say you can or you say you can’t. You’re right.


Wow ty for not putting faith like even martin luther king said, “if somone shows you hate, show them love”


I’m not mlk. If someone shows me hate, show them my back. I’m not interested in loving some1 who hates me.


I dont really hate you but you treat me like an abused dog. You just want to make me angry until I go into a meltdown and I start trash-talking about you and then you insult me and then go dumping it all into the garbage. Thats not right and i think its offcentered and rude, you may not care less about me or anyone else, but your putting the cat into the bag too.


Also your saying that you dont care about anyone who disrespects you, you just want to do it back. That can get worse and worse until someting bad can happen




I don’t understand your analogy and I’m not trying to offcentered or be rude. I’m simply saying why you aren’t allowed in Eden, and offering alternatives.


This is not about you you are defending her becuase shes the leader


You just want to put a bad reputation on me so everyone will go on your side and everykne else starts trash talking to


I’m defending no one, I’m my own person. We’re simply pointing out what’s so painfully obvious (aka your lack of maturity).


You just are a grouchy girl who likes to go on people and say,“I didnt do it!” He/she did it!"


Im just not keeping it inside of me anymore


King you are still learning like us all. Once you learn to control yourself we can let you come back. But not until then and u prove it. Help people on any server we are not the only ones playing. If you keep practicing you will be better than all of us. ily


…I don’t even know what to say.


Oh also if u want to say anything my utube channel is KKING VIDS


Little king if you didnt bring it up no body would have explained what youve done. Tbh i dont want to even share a server with you but we have to cus its an open server. But it doesnt stop us from killing people in game to protect our stuff. I mean i didnt spend 20 hours building a town for you and ben to break it. And i definantly havent spent 30 hours on this city for griefers to break it either thats why we dont keep babys anymore.

Plenty of towns pop up on the begginer servers for you to play with. Some of them can get pretty nice to so go have fun with them.