Kking vids is my youtube subscribe


Watch these videos (that Kking made on his channel).


Exactly… I mean the title of the first video tells all.


Us begginer servers lol and also i never did in eden


You guys know that disliking my videos dont matter because i still like getting those views


So ? Bravo for making everyone view your video ? Free views . Damm… you are so clever . You planned this right? For people to post you videos and view them just to prove that you grieve. I will give you an idea. What about playing in japan 1 where grieving occur so often? They have big cities too. Don’t play in other Japanese server cause I hate griefers too.


I never disliked the videos though.




New video (no griefing) on my youtube


What does These are cute gems too, and not in a bad or mean way (Kking also made these videos). Mean


I just tapped on the majic pencil and i also looked at the previous edits and saw that


@SylarUchiha edited my post I think.


What does it mean


I report anything that isn’t right. Like what happened yesterday with BadKat. Standing up for me isn’t going to make me hide bad things you’ve said/done.


Is not bad to have an argument, but posting videos of his real face, and no game related, are prohibited in the rules. Thas why I edited your response to him, instead of deleting the whole reply.


They were on his channel. I understand though.


I dont really care if poeple know my face


Yeah, and?