When some people get yellow fever the appearance is normal but still have it, also when people are named the last name is their 1st name and their name that their parents named them is their last name


This first glitch has happened to me. Let’s say that Mary runs into a boar, now she has a wound. Then she has the bad luck of being ambushed by mosquitoes. The yellow fever won’t show on the character. It’ll also say in the family tree that she was killed by “A swarm of mosquitoes”. I don’t know if that’s intended or what, tho it does seem quite suspicious. And the second glitch is very interesting indeed. In China, the surname comes first and the name last. Check your main language, you could be playing in Chinese. Anyways I’m not a dev so I’ll call them @Christoffer @Jincheng come here pls


First one happens to me all the time. It’s actually been useful and I do it on purpose. It’s a quick way to suicide. But if there was healing I wouldn’t want that to happen soooo…


Being attacked multiple times will reduce player’s lingering time. Regarding the yellow fever and death reason, I have to look into it a bit more. Regarding the names, if you are born in a family speaking Chinese/Japanese/Korean, your family name will come before your given name, like how names work in those culture. So this is as designed:)