Home marker saving in both (wish)


So I purchase the 7 day trial of private server for one and had a really fun time since it remember my home marker :grin: this was great I thought. So I could not wait to do the same with the group private server with my teen daughter I went ahead and bought the 30 day share private server for us only to discover that it does not remember home marker how can I build a city with my friends and family if we can’t return to it after death. It not like one I have a lot of time and two even if I did have a lot of gaming friends to keep playing every hour of the day. I’m very :frowning:️ disappointed in the fact that I can’t return to it because this means that if I choose to use it it will be me and my daughter endlessly playing the beginning of the game two maybe 3 gen top and that only if both of us are born girls to each other me and her spent a good 30 min trying to get her born a girl so she could birth me when I died. Please add the ability to set and return to your home marker to the private game other wise I don’t really see the point even if you did have 10 people to add to the game with you what are they going to do they would not be able to build anything together that would last unless each person committed To 3 hours a day at different but overlapping time which would rune the point of playing with friends . If you feel that some people don’t like this you could make it an option to save or not to save. I will not bye this option again If it means endlessly Eve-ing over and over again with a town that has no future

Voting for most wished Private Server feature

Yeah, we need to be able to choose a spawn point.


I agree. So far I’ve been eve chaining in order to save our town, but that means the eve has to be there in order for others to be spawned into the same area. And it also runs the risk of losing an advanced town if the eve dies. I think it would be better if everyone can work on the town at any time even without the eve there.


Let me first say that I do think this is worth consideration. There is a second side to it though: if being able to build a full sized mega city is always a given, then where is the accomplishment? Isn’t it more satisfying to succeed if there’s a challenge to do it and it’s difficult (but possible) to succeed? If it takes you five tries before utter success?

Maybe the way to go is to have several options, like you mention, like easy, intermediate and hard?

I’m happy for all feedback. It helps pinpoint the weak areas and pain points for the players. The private servers service is not fixed for all eternity - we will definitely work to improve it further.


in fact, we are making two bell towers in two eve towns in my server. I think we are good for the home marker for now cos we can hv bell ring later, BUT, if ppl can’t choose to spawn as eve or baby, the bell tower can only use when owner/ co owner is over 40 and no female in the village >.< that’s make bell tower less useful. If i can only choose one function to add in private server, maybe ppl can be choose to spawn as eve or baby is better than permanent home marker.


I think there is a fine line between making the game difficult enough to be a challenge and too difficult to the point of it being discouraging. For the second time I have lost a lovely town I was building, I had lag issues and starved so I lost my village. I had a lot of help from my friends and it feels like all our hard work and many hours of play is wasted.

I’ve decided to just be a helper at this point and have given up on the idea of building a town myself because what is the point of even trying when it all goes away and you can never find it again due to connection or lag issues.

If the maps had coordinates so even if you lost your Eve spawn you could still find your way back to your village, or by knowing coordinates you could find the villages of friends it would make it more enjoyable for me I know.

The map is a grid and each grid square could have coordinates: like 111:112 or 111:333 ect. Some sort of compass or permanent home marker would definitely make you feel like your hours of work on a village wasn’t lost for good would be amazing!

Our ancestors were able to use the stars and the sun as a compass to find there way, I believe some system to know where we are would make the game more enjoyable. :heartpulse:


The accomplishment is that I’m paying you for access to a private server so I can finally get beyond starting over every single time I play and so that the things I create in game are lasting and meaningful, to me and my friends, not griefer-bait


Building a mega city is not always s given it not going to happen when you only know one other player in the game or if u can only play now again. It would take me and my daughter weeks to build a mega city together and we would have fun doing it if I’m paying extra per m for this service I should be able to choose how I use it. Please remember that many of your customers don’t have the kind of time or the amount of extra people to keep playing the game long enough to get anywhere on a private server with out being able to save your home maker. We arnt all kids and 20 something. As of now it’s only good for people who know a large group of other players or who are happy to abandon their hard work every time they want to play. The whole point of this game is to build for the future the private server has no future so what is the point


I think you make a sound argument. We will enable a permanent home marker for the private friends servers.
You should have it by the weekend.

Thanks for helping us improve the game!


: Happy Dance : Thank you so much! Best addition to the game yet!


Annoying when u die from animal such as snake or boar. Eve spot only stays if u live till 60. I think spot should still be saved if u die from certain animals.


Update: Home markers now persist when you die and spawn again on Private Friends Servers as well as Solo servers.
Don’t get lost. :wink:


What about the solo servers?


They always had permanent home marker


Thank you for add that both me and my daughter are very very excited to be able to build together


You’re welcome. Have fun!


that’s the most awesome feature in private server :heart: