How do baby players get fed? Do I just hold them? I am confused


I am very confused as to how baby players that spawn into my game work?

It seems like to breastfeed them I just hold them for a few seconds maybe? This is very unclear and confusing. I felt bad because 3 died since I didn’t fully understand it and have been kinda guessing at it but I think holding them for several seconds is the key maybe?

Also, when I was born into the game as a male and grew up the mother later died from yellow fever and couldn’t feed a baby player who also died shortly after asking me for food. Is there a way to feed them when that happens or does holding them still work in that case? I am unsure since I had a male character and this was confusing. I felt bad when the baby player died because I didn’t know how to feed them other than the mother doing it.


if u are a woman between 14 and 39 years old, pick the baby up and you can feed them. But the baby will get hungry soon, so u hv to pick them up when they say “f” (that means food), if you are Male, just pick berry and use them on the baby, then u can feed them.


Okay thought so, I saw them typing f/fo alot and kinda figured f/fo meant they wanted food or something.

Thank you so much much for the help and advice on that! :smiley:


Remember. You can’t feed your baby if you are 40 and above.


Okay, do you mean just breast milk? Or does that include handing them a berry and such?

I am guessing that is why @waiwai said between 14 and 39.


Breastfeed limit is 40. You can still gives food to them including old people


Alright got it, thank you.