Jeremstone Town Attempt 2


Here we are, the second reincarnation of the Twinen Civilisation via the magic of the eve spawn. Another stage further progressed on Europe Two for the Twinen bunch. I spawned as an Eve called Molly Twinen, to discover that Jeremy Twinen, the son of my previous spawn and namesake of the camp, had made considerable progress on the farm. Soon my two sons Charlie and John were advancing things along smoothely. Shame there wasn’t much iron nearby. Or water. But we muddled through. Whenever a baby was born I showed it the old grave of Old Jeremy and told them to be like him; loving, hard working and selfless. Town propaganda was already on the roll. But every settlement needs a little history. Of course I had more kids other than Charlie and John, it’s just those two brothers were the only ones to last very long. I had two daughters. Both died in childhood (typical infant mortality) and I accidentally named them both Lucy (typical for me). Fortunately the second and older sister also happened to be Shannon, one of the newly appointed dual Queens of the Fellowship of Ohol. She soon had to leave but I paid my respects as a humble aspiring Squire and said that I would advance Jeremstone as a town that would be a pride to the Fellowship while also being a healthy and happy member of the Ohol settlement network. Europe servers especially are in need of some proper public towns anyway, what with the low server population.
Anyways, my thanks to all of my children and if you ever find yourself born as a little baby in Jeremstone, remember to do it like Jeremy. Welcome to the village, and all it might become.


I hope it really takes off some day!