Joshari's journey


I’m going to be posting the full story elsewhere, but I’ll post the beginning here too. I hope you enjoy.
The first live line was new. The soul didn’t know what was going on, but it did get a good look at itself and the surroundings. It was female, and in the middle of nowhere. So she decided that her name was Joshari Teshima.
Joshari, that name seemed to fit perfectly, and thus the soul decided that it was Joshari, a name that could be used for male and female.
She found herself hungry and in need of food. So she wondered until she found a bush and she started eating.
Then suddenly a kid popped out, a girl. Joshari called her Kira, and watched her daughter. Kira seemed to know a little about how to get things started, so Joshari did what she could to help. However the food ran out too quickly and Kira starved. But Joshari had a few other children.
One of those was a girl she named Neera, and Joshari managed to get her to the right age where Neera could care for herself, when Joshari starved. Her first priority was the survival of her children.
The soul, Joshari, wasn’t done.
Luck would have it, that it was born to Neera, and was named Oldie.
Joshari was happy at this chance, however this time it was a male.
Oldie did his best to help out. He went out and got food, and started getting things for the village. Iron, rabbits, food, and other things. But he watched his line die out. His, the third generation, was the last.
Oldie lived until he was fifty-nine, and he was the last one alive in his family. He was a bit sad, but he figured that it was meant to be. He died from lack of food, but he was old, and there was no family left. So he just gave up.
But Joshari didn’t.