Lessons that apply to reality


I’ve noticed a few things about this game that say something about the psychology of society. The main thing would be that the larger the community, the less responsibility people feel to keep it going. This compares to people in real life communities and the whole mob mentality issue. People in small communities are more likely to feel obligated to maintain their town than in major cities where everyone assumes someone else will do it. Finding a solution to this in-game could shed some light on ways we could address the issue IRL. Another thing, and this is kind of a leap, is mass shootings. In large communities, people are more likely to start grief killing. From what I’ve seen on the forums, a lot of people who do this are actually good players that just feel bored and feel that there is no job for them to take on to give their “life” meaning. They don’t want to work because nothing they do is going to be appreciated by the community as a whole. The real life term for this is alienation of labor and it’s a real issue that philosophers and sociologists have been trying to solve for a while. Obviously this doesn’t fully translate to real life mass murderers but I think that the idea that in large communities you feel less valuable to the whole and less connected to the other members of your community could teach us about the motives of real people who feel so disconnected from society that they don’t mind throwing their own life away to commit mass murder.

Alot of this is a stretch but I do think that it wouldn’t hurt to have real scientists observe games and gather data on how people act in this game. These are just some things I have noticed and I would like to hear what some of you have observed in the great social experiment.


Wow I never noticed that. I feel very stupid now.


You aren’t stupid you are just to busy watering berry bushes to think about these sorts of things lol


I think that the biggest thing to help people maintain bushes in a town is if you just make a set of bowls,one for each bush. Then keep a stockpile of berries in the bowls and when it gets low pick the last of the berries off the bushes again to store and reset them. This way it reduces the amount of time a person has to watch them. Aswell making it less likely for these scenarios to happen.


Hi…can give me how to download onehouronelife for free…please


No, buy it like everyone else. Besides the mobile download is linked to your account and the pc version requires a unique code to play. The download by itself would be useless to you. But if you really want it the official github download is here: https://github.com/jasonrohrer/OneLifeData7

But like I said you still need to pay for the log-in code


It not free lol , you can get free if you have a family share with your family on apple phone ,But only for family.


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Dude just look for change on the ground, in the couch, on the sidewalk, at school, etc then go buy a playstore giftcard. It’s 5$ and a lot of people work really hard to make this game. They deserve to be paid. Doesn’t matter how old you are stealing is stealing.



Based on the sense of entitlement I’m seeing here I don’t know how anxious I am to run into this “kid” in game. I can hear it now… I want a pony!!!


Nice idea!
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She needs to install, update and maintain alone.

By the way, the server used by Mr.jason is Linode.


This person can’t even come up with an idea to get $5. What makes you think they have the knowledge required to properly set up a linux server. I have years of experience with linux and it still took me about a week to get a server for this game fully online.


I’m sorry.
Even if her get the game for free, I wanted her to let her know that it costs more and more effort on other parts.
It think miraculous that “one hour one life for mobile” can play with $5.
Of course, I bought Mr. Jason’s game for $20.


I love this joke.
Anyway learning server’s operation is Most Effective Skill in this modern times.
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I realy recommend this way to her. GL!!