Someone flagged my post i bet kappu and the person who is in charge deleted it and i should be able to say what i want to say


There is no need to continue this drama. Why not drop it?


I can guarantee that Kappu didn’t flag your post. She’s far too busy irl to be concerned with flagging your posts out of spite…


I flagged your post and I’m sure I’m not the only one. It was not a constructive contribution to the forum.


Cringy adult i want to stop this


I don’t think that’s what cringy means. If anything, his post wasn’t cringy.




Theres nothing to save me


Weird what?

From what?


From joining back


From joining back what?




Whats 9 + 10, 21


Well my posts get flagged all the time people get offended reall easy. Just keep in mind most people on forum have hard lives. (This will get flagged too if anyone feels offended by it)


I’m officially 100% confused.

I doubt it. The people here usually flag posts only for good reasons.


Tell me some good reasons other then im offended?


Im offended a little


Thats good XD




That u dont onderstand what he means with 9+10= 21 already explains with what kind of people i have to deall with here