Losy Family


Here be a town of merriment and woe, hope and despair. What you might call a typical family experience.
The Losy family never achieved much. I was born at generation 4 in a camp which was too far from any ponds to be survivable. So I set out, hoping to revive the line because I was lucky enough to have been born a girl.
After much wandering I came across one of the most advanced villages I’ve seen in Ohol. They had some advanced iron tools and almost every worthwhile kind of crop for a frontier settlement. I leapt with joy (or at least I would have done if I had the luxury of a third dimension) and set about trying to have a daughter. The rest of the line had long since died out and I was nearing my fourties. But eventually I had two baby boys who I promptly named Charles and Jack before telling them about how I’d found this strange place. They were good sons, hard working sons but they were the last. No girls were forthcoming. Resigned I returned to my children to give them the bad news. After the initial disappointment I decided to send my boys off in search of more populace lands. I packed their baskets with pies, told the two brothers to stay together, and watched them go while trying to revive the farms for whoever else might stumble upon my town which I named Enstone village (because a name is important). As I write this very post those two determined boys are out there, foraging their way through the brush.
I can only hope they find a family better than the one they left. Charles is nearing 40 while I can see young Jack is munching on one of those pies I gave him. If anyone in this family reads this post, make sure to leave a reply and tell me how it went for you all. The Losy Line may be dying, but it’s legacy will continue.