Minor tweaks


So just going to put a list out of the tiny things I run into that would be awesome to be tweaked

Stackable or storable items:
Limestone/plaster in crock
Long branches
Sharp boys
Baked potatoes in crock
Lapis lazuli and cinnabar
Sulfur in crock
Worms in crock
Wood shavings
Salt water/salt
Stack of bowls and plates in boxes
Palm oilen
Butter in crock
Skinned rabbits in crock

Problem with stacked wrought iron not being able to be picked up with tongs

Ability to dump or pick up items from bowls ie flour rabbits carrots charcoal iron

Breakable or disposable items:
Knitting needles

These are just the things that probably dont get mentioned because they are small but would make a huge impact to normal game play.

Let me know of anything I may have missed.

Consistency Update sugestion


nice observation skills! some times it are the many small thing which causes bad usability.


There’s also

Put a bucket of latex in the cart.
Put onion in crock.


flat rock roads are stackable. i think, when there is already a road you shouldnt be able to make one on top of the other road. dosent make sense to me.


Yeah. Usually griever just put one on top of the other to makes all the flat road or wooden floors dissappear into nothingness


We are taking care of a good portion of these now. The work is already going on.


Oh something else I forgot is getting rid of ash and other materials used in bowls for making the radio.

Disposable paper and toys as well.


there is also a minor tweak. when you have a big rock and split it in half you have two pieces. a big one and a small one. when you put the chisel on the small one and remove it, the small half becomes a big half.

so the problem is. you cant put together two big halfs.
for me the small half should stay small.


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