no, it’s from a person


Rly u think we don’t know that


The great curse is spreading


Yeah… about that. I murdered Ultra


Why have you spread the curse


I didn’t actually want to kill Ultra, but her mother. And the main reason was because I was treated like sheep dung and I will not give people clothes and not even get a small “ty” or “thanks”…


Yeah but you have let the curse spread


Sorry… Deep in my heart I didn’t want to kill Ultra :sob:

really sorry Ultra, that day I felt murderous


Don’t worry about it

(But the curse still lurks to find someone who is filled with anger and rage to take over him and continue the devils curse)


Phew :relieved:


I named myself Tree Tree because I just wanted to roam the map, hoping babies would flee from me…lol



Tree Bob


I had plans for starting a sheep farm for the town, so I had a knife and rope in my pack to be used for obtaining and killing sheep. I had just picked up the bow but dropped it again to eat some berries. Then THIS person came and shot me with a bow! I’m like “WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM” and she was like “lol”. I before I died I told my family to kill her but later checking the family tree, no one killed her.