Naming glitch


I was playing and there was a baby that was nameless and I couldn’t name her please fix that


I too saw such baby yesterday.
At least 2 adults tried to name the baby, but no one could. The naming icon did not pop up when I picked him up.


He was named ”nameless”?


Probably not, because in my memory the baby was the only one in the village without a family name.
Plus, I’ve just looked up the family tree and found the nameless man who seemed to be that baby. When I changed the main language, his name changed according to the language (名無し←→Nameless), which probably won’t happen if he was named Nameless or 名無し by someone. (However, I’m not one hundred percent sure that this nameless man I found in the family tree was the baby I couldn’t name. I guessed from our birth years.)

In another life, I also heard someone saying "I cannot name you" when I was passing by the nursery, which might be the same glitch.


Thank you.
it seems to be glitch


That sounds strange. It would be better if there could be a family link pointing to such a poor kid.


Thank you Jincheng, I’ve sent you a message.




I could not name my nephew.
This is the picture I hold him, but the icon for naming was not displayed.
He talked, “My name is not nameless.”

This link to the family tree is this.