Newcomen Foundation


Please make Newcomen Foundation removable .


I thought it already was removable.


How do you remove it?


@Leesa you remove a Newcomen foundation with a mallet I believe.


Wait never mind, you can just use your bare hands. xD


you cant remove the newcoman foundations. You are thinking of half belltowers @WumboJumbo @GiantReaver

You cant remove newcoman tower basses at all. Ive tried shovels mallets flint knifes everything. But you can dig up half bell towers with a shovel which is a completely different structure.


I think I complained about this thing before and it is said something will be done but still the newton foundation is not removeable .


This is an oversight on my part. I thought we had fixed this already, but I verified now and you are absolutely correct.
I will take care of it, thanks for reporting.