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@WumboJumbo, don’t ask for translations. This is in the game feedback JP section. The author of the topic posted it here so he/she can speak in Japanese about whatever they wrote.


I’d like to be able to help.


More problems came up.
Malicious players who came back from Donkey Town were born on purpose and repeatedly died, and they began to ruin their pedigree.
Even if a child is born, he repeatedly dies and dead, so the child has run out and it has been driven into a ruined village.
If the number of waste villages increases, it will overflow with unnecessary Eve, and the players will spread too far into each family, so they will not develop at all.

Is there no penalty for players who Ako intentionally committed suicide or abandoned?
The burden of female players is also great, so troubles have arisen in activities, so it will be appreciated if you correspond.

When it is severe you have to raise the rice to “people in the plant state (immobile player)” and have to extend the life even. Otherwise the village will not continue.
To that end, I think it is too strange to invest time of 20 to 30 minutes.


You’re out of ohol forum jail aye! You sound very intelligent on some of your post king.




He’s been reformed! :astonished:




I think difficult to defend against ruin the pedigree.
( but I think if you examine whether who took feeding behavior from birth to death, you can identify the player. )

But plant human measures is to leave.
If the baby does not count up the remaining HP, it can not be helped to feed. Anybody can not know their remaining HP.

Babies who say nothing should bring them to the grave immediately.
Or, children who do not respond even if you talk to them.