Note to everyone


I always think it’ll be fine. “I dont need a home marker.” Then 5 minutes later I hear my final few dings as I starve, lost in the middle of nowhere lol. Lesson learned. Maybe.


I go like this. ‘Ok i went through this swamp and this bunny biome’ -continue to run right- ‘Wtf wasteland!!! I never ran through a wastand on the way… Fine…’- turns around runs left and find a snow biome- ’ i am so screwed’ My daily adventure of Aria wolflord


Haha, I feel ya! I normally try run in one direction but then get distracted. I make sure to never leave with clothing as I know for a fact there is a good chance that shit is getting lost somewhere lol.


Yep that was my daughter I think her name was Lola? ?not sure but yeah


It could have been. I do remember playing with a lola before. It must have been a good few days ago. I might try find it when servers are back up.



Haha - I was the eve and came back twice in that version. Was so determined to get iron forged (was my first effort at it)

Then respawned with “twin” who was in the forging area wrecking havoc

Think I made a hoe but didn’t get onto anything else!

Awesome to here others enjoying the run


I purchased the app and thoroughly enjoy it, free or not it’s worth while to play.