Observation Mode AKA What I Learned About Griefers


Ahhh, another death by another griefer. You’re lucky it was me you shot you POS. if it were anyone else you’d have been dead immediately after firing that bow for the first time.


I watched the idiot in observation mode after and it became glaringly clear. He/She/It didn’t have so much as a CLUE how to do anything other than make bows and arrows and eat berries. Pathetic.


We need to band together and kill every griefer on sight!


Yep. Again and again I’ll say it. A well armed society is a prepared society.


Yep. Most griever didn’t do anything. They need to stay alive by eating food because developing a city wasn’t their goal. Maybe some of them were victims of other griever. Who knows? But i see some patern somehow.

Each griever that i encounter talk or do in similar way, somegow. Seems like it done by the same person. Pathetic one.

I think we need to kill tgose who didn’t do anything at all


I’m learning telltale signs. Babies who won’t answer you? Starve them. Keep an eye on your kids and take walkabouts around the perimeter of home. I’ve seen more secret bows in the works than I can count. I think they’re primarily lazy or just plain stupid. They can’t get the gist of being productive so take out their frustrations being lame arse griefers.

Arm your village! Even if YOU are the only one who knows there’s a bow and arrow to start, that’s better than being caught empty handed.


Just like in real life! :joy:


I agree with this, unless it’s a low population village and everyone has to work, or if you’re the only one who knows how to do anything. Hard to work and also watch for griefers.

I got shot with an arrow by my griefer uncle while working at the forge and everyone was just standing around eating berries. I have a love/hate obsession with this game.


I see another pattern.
If the town is low populated, or no female in sight, we don’t have griever. Also, if the camp didn’t have sheep pen, no griever is in sight.


Well its not necessarily true that if they don’t talk then they are a greifer. I dont talk because I feel like its a waste. I am truly addicted to this game and I feel like talking just takes up too much of the eves time because you are so limited as a baby.


as an eve i first watch the new player to see if he wants to stay. if he dont leave i pick the player up and welcome him with a simple „hi“. then i ask the question „are you new?“ so i know how much time i have to invest into teaching. then i set him to the ground and hopefully can work on something while feeding him. sometimes i make the city tour, if there is something to know (like food, ponds or iron veins). if the player ask „job?“ i know i cant expect much of independent work.

but does this help to get the griefer? i would say yes. because you know how normal players respond to those questions. if you get no respond or weird responds you know that this player is different. so you can check on them now and then.


Asking if the player is new, will give you most of the time a No as an asnwer. Some people abandom the baby after he/she announced that it is new, so don’t expect an onest one.

If a player ask for a job, please assigned him a job. It doesn’t mean that he don’t know much. It means that he knows allot and he is willing to help.
Me in particular, in rare cases I will ask that cuestion, but from time to time I do it (“Job”). Im asking to get a task, and to know exacly what the village need. I think everyone ask that cuestion from time to time too…


it doesnt matter if they respond yes or no to the question „are you new?“. i dont expect a honest answer at that point. its all about behavior and its the reaction time which shows me if they are present and take some informations in. why should i show them the city if they are not present at all. so if a player is focused he will get clues from looking at the screen. if after 3 min he has no clue what he should/wants to do for the city at this point i dont assign him a job. he will not be intressted enogh to maintain berries or other stuff in my opinion.


You got a point.


Oh gee. Did people really do that?
I never abandoned my bb if he new. I will asked them what they want to learn.


Ill be honest i tend to give new players to one of my kids to teach. Because im usually either to focused or to tired from playing to effectively teach. Also im pretty sure ive had you as a mom a few times whats you normal eve name??


me too, I always ask the newbies if they can farm or not if not , I teach, if yes, I go on asking if they can make stew/smith. BUT, newbies always die of hunger when learning things…and now, I remember to tell them to eat while I am teaching LOL. Also, I found that they need to teach which things can eat too! I once born with a newbie mum which only eat berries while the camp have 4 stews,popcorn and green beans ready to eat! When I grow up I told her those are food! (the village only have two of us, those food are made by grandma and she died already)
Some newbies stand on a cooked rabbit and ask for food, I am curious and ask why they can’t recognize cooked rabbit if you have go through the tutorial, and they told me they skipped tutorial…
So, pls, if you are the kids of a newbie mum or vice versa, help teaching them basic things or at least tell them to play the tutorial until they escape from it. (some of them only light the torch and go into the snake room directly, don’t know they can go further to escape the tutorial )


I don’t spend time teaching the basics. I straight up tell people if they ask me something simple like how to make a basket or how to eat I tell them to go to beginners server.

If they know the basics I don’t mind teaching