OHOL Group Recruitment


Too anyone who wants a group to play OHOL with, send me a private Message on discord. We are the “Fellowship of OHOL”. My discord account is “Shannon” #9340.


Made by Kappu, right?


I think it was originally made by Queen Rogue, who has since left. She was the one who ran the snow for a long while anyways. I’d recommend joining. It’s great fun. I’m only a Squire so far but hopefully some day I’ll be in with the knights, planning complicated cities and all that.




Rouge was the owner but she and I ran things for the group. She has since left and gave Kapu and I the ownership of the server.


We are mostly looking for like minded people who want to work together too build large and long lasting civilizations.


That’d be me!


Shannon i sent you a friend request since you have dms blocked i go by Zander the doggo on discord