Please add screenshot button. (スクリーンショットボタンを追加してください。)


I’m enjoying this game over the iPhone.

Funny landscape, my workspace, gentle mother, good brothers …
I think want to leave memories, but it is more difficult to take pictures than I thought.
Take screenshots, I need to press “Sleep Button” and “Home Button” at the same time.
When the timing is shifted, the home screen is displayed. In the worst case, to die.

I was assigned to a shepherd’s work this morning.
My work was doing fine and I enjoyed it.
When trying to screenshot of the village.
Oops! Connection lost, to died!
I can not count my heart.
I should have handed a knife and scissors to my dear disciple.

Please add screenshot button.
To reduce unfortunate sudden death. Please.






Sorry to hear that. I actually think what needs to be done is to make the connection more robust or equivalent.
By the way, did you lose your connection immediately whenever you press the home button and put the game into background?


I’m sorry, I could only find the description of the button in Japanese.

I can shoot screenshot by pressing buttons ① and ② simultaneously.

If press button ② first, I will go to the home screen, but I can return to the game.

If press button ① first, screen is locked and the connection is lost.


Previously, I sent a request about cutting and death when I mistakenly locked the screen,
“connection lost” has disappeared by Mr. Jason.
If this can be incorporated into mobile, there is no improvement request.
I’m looking forward to seeing screenshots of this game a lot, lot, lot of on the web.
Thank you as always!



We are aware of this update and I think it is great. I cannot be sure when it will be integrated since there are many other things on our to-do list. But I think it will be added in a future update sometime.