Please, for the love of god, fix eve spawns


Good idea


The biggest reason why I suicided multiple times was in an attempt to reach where I worked on before. I have no reason to be born to a random person if the server population is low enough that the lineage dies out anyways all the work done is lost. I’m relying on that random person to have kept their eve spawn alive and going there just so the hours of work dosnt go to waste. Hours really do stack up in the end.

If you really want to reduce the amount of people attempting to solo play and play together then there needs to be an incentive for people to play with others. As it is the only incentive is for an experience unlike your previous lives, or to learn from others.

That is extremely limited though, in that when your constantly stuck at the bare bones bottom of the tech tree and you can’t do anything but the same thing over and over again. You could also just not want to learn from others at that point.

The biggest thing the game is missing is expansion in this case. You get so far up the tech tree,hooray. There’s nothing that can keep it there though. Eventually people stop playing or eve spawns are lost. Those incentives to pour hours,maybe even days into one spot are gone. You can rarely ever expand a place.

So I have yet to figure an anwser to this so I’ll ask a question.

“What incentive can we give to people that will get them to work somewhere even if that work disappears?”

An impossible anwser in my eyes. We can’t just force them to work or learn. Theres got to be a reason behind all of it.

When I first joined I was under the impression that being born at different levels of tech would be cool. A different life each time. There are no civilization’s given the time to expand like that though. It just repeats a lot in its current state. Constantly building up.

I can only see the eve spawn “pattern” changing in the future. Maybe even objects that influence eve spawns.

Like you craft this object, eat it. Your guranteed an eve spawn back to where ever you die no matter what. Whether your an eve or not.


The entire focus and intent of the game was never for solo play. It was people working together to build a society and civilization. Jason punted the Eve chain for a reason. No one, in the history of mankind, built a city by themselves.

The only time the work would ever disappear is if the apocalypse is triggered (and I don’t believe that is functional on mobile) or the servers are reset. Which happens from time to time. The idea of a permanent place, as idyllic as it may seem to some, just isn’t viable.

People should want to work together because that’s how the game is designed. Reaching for common goals. And the Eve Spiral means you CAN find places. Some really lousy, some really sweet.

If you want to craft alone I reccommend “Don’t Starve”. It has a fantastic tech tree and is very challenging.


After a few days. If you lose your eve spawn your already a life time of running from where you last were. Besides that I find the eve spiral pretty un-reliable. In terms of spawning back to a previous place. It’s excessivly rare. Please read all of my previous post.


I did read all of your previous post. What is it you think I missed?


You can’t achieve common goals unless the eve in the same spot as you can always come back as an eve. I guess maybe I didn’t strike that on the mark but it was my intention. Ty for reading though.

I do agree with you that the intent for the game is co-op,but it dosnt handle that for random people you don’t know well enough.


Right, but that’s also the beauty of it! You birth children IRL and raise them with love and caring not knowing if they’ll grow up to be amazing, capable adults who help further humanity or a serial killer. :flushed:

But raise them we do. Why do you have to know them well enough? Is it because of trust issues and griefers?

I lived three lives today. One kind of shoddy but ended on a high note. Two absolutely great ones! The second being filled with kibbutzing and comraderie and productivity.

As we, the regular players, become known to one another and as more players become regulars, there is going to be more familiarity and, one hopes, trust.

From my birthplace in my last game tonight we found three other places all not that far from one another and each one a little more advanced than the other. If I make I back there on the spiral I plan to make some roads connecting them.


I haven’t played for the past few weeks. I was working on a place where I solo eve spawned 24 times in a row before I started including my group lol. I got 34 hours in total there. I made a sheeps pen,all the new commen stuff,a car and a 3 minute walk of a road heading north. Made tons of mines and everything needed for 48 pies. One of my friends introduced me to the power of horses. It was really great. Until I died and lost it all. Darn rattle snake. We just started a building too. After that I haven’t been able to think of this game as anything more than a time waster. The punishment of never getting that work again is harsh. Of corse I starved 100s of babies in the process but whatevs lmao. I never had an issue with letting the babs starve before.

I learned a lot too,yeah. It comes down to when I can apply what I learned though. I’d say with how everything is now I can only use what I learned in that time in 1/20 lives. If I we’re to just play with randoms. Without setting up my eve spawns again.


You made that car before you lost it at least, that was the best eve town. You literally did it 100% by yourself.


I feel your frustration but, honestly, starving hundreds of babies isn’t what the game is supposed to be. Now that you’ve climbed that tech tree there’s no reason you can’t have an Eve camp fully outfitted with steel tools before you die as an Eve. The second Gen should be able to get a sheep pen hammered out and have sheep and be composting before they die out.

Take what you’ve learned and apply it to the game how it was intended, by the developer, to be played. I had a hilarious and super productive life today. We really got stuff done.

What, if,you don’t mind me asking, was your plan once you got to top tech in your place? To then start letting “randoms” play? Honestly, if I knew I’d been starved by an eve dozens of time while she built her utopia, I wouldn’t want to stay once she decided it was okay to have kids.


Nah, I never planned to let “randoms” ever join. They would’ve had to go through the discord to do that. I figured that if people seen our utopia then they would be more in awe and want to join us rather than angry and petty. Just so we could actually know who they are, far too easy for a griefer to just jump on a horse then ride away, or even a car. I was already at the top tech though, cause at that time I’m pretty sure there were just cars at the top.

I’ve never seen a previous place I have been before. The only times I have was when eve spawns before they were fixed.

Ty v3 but after 24 hours you peeps helped out a lot. I just wish our schedules could’ve been more synced lol.


I wasn’t suggesting I would be angry and petty. I’d meant I’d be more “meh, you didn’t want me then, I don’t want you now.” Isn’t not letting “randoms” play being petty?




Huh. I think some might see it differently than you do.

As to never finding a place you made before, I suspect that has something to do with the many hours you’ve spent chaining. Rather than strive to chain I’ve just taken the game as it’s been delivered, Eve, baby, boy, girl, whatevs. And, as a result, particularly as an Eve, I’ve done plenty of wandering and found many of my old homes.

To each their own I guess.


You gotta slowly master it.


Are private servers still a project in the works as it was previously stated? If so, how many people do you think will be interested in purchasing one at this point without the eve spawn functioning as the players want it to?


I’d be interested!


This would resolve the issue of suiciding babies and griefing. But how far up the tech tree do you think you would get without the eve spawn mechanism allowing you unlimited spawns in your town?


Nope, not me. When I want a challenging craft tree game to play BY MYSELF I play a game designed for that.

Solo game play was NOT what this was designed for.


Yes but it doesn’t function properly without enough players on the server. Progress cannot be made it’s as simple as that.