Please, for the love of god, fix eve spawns


Do you like the idea of going solo?

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It’s not as if I prefer to play solo, I feel like I’m forced to. Neither I nor the devs have any control over the amount of players on each server. Therefore , imo there has to be an alternative mode of playing to resolve this issue.


I’ve been playing for a long time now. I’ve seen highly advance civs. Playing alone isn’t what the game intended. Period.


Playing with others is the way to resolve this. Teaching noobs included. You choose to play solo. It’s not a matter of being forced to.


There are most certainly consequences when soloing, but there’s also consequences when not soloing. Either way, I’m not really on either side.


I understand your point but that has nothing to do with the issue. There are 6 players on the server I use right now. Even with full cooperation and highly skilled players, any achievements accomplished will be lost and we will start again from scratch. To me, the game becomes boring, repetitive and mindless without any chance at making further progress.


Thank you, thats exactly how I feel. I’d be lucky if there’s 10 or more people on the server I play on.


The more people solo play and punt the kids they birth, the greater the likelihood we will never have full servers. People become skilled by doing and learning. If you choose solo, as a high functioning player, you are doing yourself no favours as you are putting new people off the game. Many of them are staying in the no kill server, even though they are skilled, exactly because of the solo players. Codes, baby murders, being starved to death when born in a decent set up when there is no obvious reason why they should be starved except that there are a handful of people who want to play all by their lonesome! Go play the no kill server and talk to the experienced players. Eve Spiral is an actual thing. The idea of the game, in its entirety, is to Build Civilization! That doesn’t happen when you choose to play solo. Find an old settlement. Make it better. Start a bell tower. How to you think the great cities are still being made on PC after the Eve chain was punted? There were three great settlements not far from one another I was born near the other day. Is it that you solo guys think you’re too skilled to play with semi skilled players? I don’t get it. It’s NOT A SOLO GAME. :roll_eyes:

I hope Jason, and subsequently, the mobile devs never cave on this.


I was specifically talking about private servers which christoffer said would be coming in late February but I think you’ve made your opinion quite clear numerous times. Thanks for your response but you if don’t understand my point, there’s no sense in you and I debating this issue any further.


There is no debate. You refuse to look at it from any perspective but you wanna just build and build on your own. And then what? What happens when you reach the top of the tech tree? No other cities to reach out to. Who you gonna radio? Where you going to fly your airplane to if no other place exists with a landing pad?

I’ve rethought my position and I now welcome private servers, especially if it keeps the solo players to themselves and keeps them from starving out and discouraging new players. I want to see the servers full. I want to see noobs learn and get excited and share the game with their friends so the player base grows. I want to fly airplanes to other cities some day and that’s not going to happen as long as we have isolationists refusing to play nice with others.


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Feel free to wish in one hand and shit in another and wait for more people to leave the beginners server. Let me know when you finish building your plane. I’d like to see it.


10 people on the server… u just talk talk stop


We all talk talk, don’t we?


Its not helping and whats ur job here ?


Yup, talking in this forum is definitely not helping!


I like the game but we are stuck here with 10 players thats the hole point i was playing with some friends but its worthless now.


We all know how the game should be. But we have 10 players so eve spawn makes it fun for us but its gone now



Talk talk?



February can’t come fast enough.